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Ethical management

Ethical management

Business Ethics of Shinhwa Logistics Service

For ethical management and compliance management, we are establishing standards for correct behavior and value judgement that all executives and employees must observe and pledge to practice them.

Ethical management and Shinhwa Logistics Service

“Ethical management” refers to the pursuit of fair and transparent management by considering'ethics' as an important value in corporate management and corporate activities. Anti-corruption, transparency and integrity are emphasized as important components of sustainable management along with economic (financial), legal and social responsibility. Shinhwa Logics respects the philosophy of win-win, which competes fairly before corporate interests and considers the interests of customers at the same time. If ethics is missing from management, it is like a building of thought. Without ethics, you lose trust and you can lose everything. Ethical management is essential, not optional. Shinhwa Logistics Service intends to go on a path to prosperity with all stakeholders through ethical management.