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CEO Message

CEO Message


We sincerely welcome customers, partners, and stakeholders of Shinhwa Logistics Service to our website.

We, Shinhwa Logistics Service, which have built up trust and skills for 20 years in the field of automobile maintenance, logistics, and customer delivery, are continuing to grow into Korea's leading automobile logistics company. Shinwha Logistics Service has been carrying out flawless transportation with the best technology and concentration, from unloading of luxury imported cars to maintenance, transportation, and customer delivery with the technology and efforts accumulated over the past 20 years. Above all, to minimize environmental damage caused by our business. We have been making continuous efforts.

In the recent rapidly changing domestic and global corporate environment, ceaseless challenges and innovation are required for continuous growth, and Shinhwa Logistics Service aims to become an eco-friendly company and lead new technologies in the automobile transportation field by understanding and leading the changing trends in the automobile industry. Meanwhile, in order to grow into a global leading company, we comply with international norms, manages ourselves fairly and transparently, truly contributes to human society, and aims to become a sustainable company, not only in terms of technology and quality, but also in terms of environmental, human rights, and ethics. In terms of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), we are striving to meet global standards.

To this end, Shinhwa Logistics Servie complies with the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact (UNGC), respects the contents and values ​​of the seven core topics pursued by ISO 26000, and is engaged in management activities with a CSR awareness. In addition, we will endeavor to fulfill international commitments related to human rights and labor practices in our supply chain, and we will make continuous efforts to meet the demands and expectations of CSR compliance from stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, and employees.

Please keep your eyes on Shinhwa Logistics Sercive is growing as a world-leading comprehensive transportation logistics company from automobile transportation service to the production of transportation facilities in the 21st century. We look forward to your participation and cooperation in the development of our company. We hope that health and happiness will overflow in your workplace and family.

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