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Environmental management

Environmental management

ISO 14001 and Shinhwa Logistics Service

ISO 14001 Certification

“ISO14001” is a standard that stipulates requirements for a company's environmental management system by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Environmental management established by the organization for a series of management activities that continuously improve environmental performance throughout the entire business process. This is a system that objectively evaluates and certifies that the system conforms to this standard by a third party certification body. By acquiring this certification in August 2017, Shinhwa Logstic Service has made a difference in promoting the will of environmental management inside and outside the company, and all employees are aware of the importance of environmental protection in all corporate activities and put them into action.

Environmental objective

2030 / Reduce 45% of CO2 Emission


Complying with reducing CO2 emission of transporting vehicles policy,
we will plan to continuously replace old trucks with LNG, EV or FCEV trucks.