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ESG Management propulsion task

ESG Management propulsion task
Division Task Goal

Education on the Prevention of Human Rights Violations and When Occurrence Implementation of relief procedures
- Prohibition of discrimination

Prohibition of child(minor) labor

Prohibition of forced labor

Guaranteed 3 labor rights

Personal Information Protection

Zero incidents of human rights violations
(by 2020∼2025)

Zero Violations of Labor-Related Regulations
(by 2020∼2025)

Zero personal information exposure
(by 2020∼2025)


Compliance with the law
- Ethics education(Once a year)

Prohibition of unfair trade
- Fraud Report System

Sustainable supply chain management

Zero cases of fair trade violations
(by 2020∼2025)

Sustainability management support and evaluation management to suppliers
- Environment and ethics education(Once a year)
- Improvement consultation(Once a year)

Environ mental

Reduction of CO2 emissions
- Gradually replacing trucks with CNG and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

Efficient energy use
- Measure electricity, water, and gas consumption and implement reduction measures

Safety management of trucks

45% reduction in CO2 emission
(by 2020∼2030)

zero fatal traffic accidents
(by 2020∼2025)